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About Us

Since 1928 the District has offered Community & Continuing Education programs that evolve to meet the learning needs and interests of Burnaby’s residents.

Educational areas include:

Today, with more than 16,000 registrations annually, Burnaby offers one of the largest district run Community & Continuing Education Programs in the province. The program supports the educational needs of a variety of learners including new immigrants; the employed, unemployed, and underemployed; seniors; youth and those simply interested in learning something new.

Courses are offered during the day and evening, as well as a growing list of weekend programs for people who can’t get out during the week. The adult students represent almost every walk of like and every ethnic group in Burnaby’s cultural mosaic. And so do the instructors. Most instructors live and work in our community and are dedicated to improving the quality of Burnaby’s community life through their contribution as teachers. More than 500 medical experts, craftspeople, business consultants, computer technicians, chefs, lawyers, human relations experts, entrepreneurs, contractors, bricklayers and mechanics form a flexible network of instructors.

Programs and courses begin in the Fall or Winter/Spring. Brochures providing course and program information are distributed to all homes in Burnaby the end of August and December. Brochures are also available at Burnaby’s public libraries, recreation centres and online.