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Certificate Program: Social Media for Business (#LN01)
1. Introduction to Social Media (#LN02)
2. Integrating Social Media in Your Organization (#LN03)
3. Marketing for Social Media (#LN04)

Certificate Program: Managing Social Media Platforms (#LN06)
1. Twitter (#LN07)
2. Facebook for Business (#LN08)
3. LinkedIn for Business (#LN09)

Course Fee: $695 for a whole certificate or $225 for an individual course

Recognition Awarded
-For individual courses, a pdf transcript is issued showing completion.
-For certificates and certification, a pdf certificate is issued showing completion.

About online learning
Online learning is a fun, enjoyable and very productive way to learn. Millions of people are learning online each year. You will engage with the instructor and other participants. It’s easy. It’s fun.

How the Course Works
It is easy to participate in your online course. After you register, you will be given a web address to go to get into your online classroom. You will have a password and use your email address and password to gain access.

Participate when you want
You can participate any time of day or evening. The online classroom is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no live real-time requirements or meetings. You decide when you participate. For the best learning, participants should log into the course on 2-3 different days of the week.

What you will do
• Access the online readings
• Listen to the audio presentation for the Unit and view the slides
• Take a self-quiz to see how much you have learned
• Engage in written online discussion with your instructor and other participants

The content (readings, audio lectures, slides) and self quizzes are accessible for the entire course, so you can work ahead, or go back and review again, at your convenience. For best learning, you should make one or more comments at 2-3 different times each week.

Your instructor will log into the discussion and answer questions. Instructors are nationally known experts, speakers and consultants in the area of social media.


This will vary with the course. For most courses there are no prerequisites. However, some courses such as ‘Facebook for Business’, the prerequisites will be included in the course description. Example, ‘This is an advanced class and assumes you have started a Page on Facebook and have some basic knowledge of the platform. Technical Requirements: Access to Flash needed for audio and slide presentations’.


1. Make at least one comment every week in the discussion.
– The comment should show thought and be more substantive than just “Yes, I agree.” There is no length required for comments.
– Replies to other comments, responses to other participants, count as comments (in most cases your instructor values replies and responses as comments).
– Questions and online discussion facilitative comments also count as well as long as there is some thought to them.

2. Take every Unit self-quiz.
– Take every Unit self-quiz for the course and get at least 80% score.
– You may retake any self-quiz as often as you need to get to the 80% level.

Completion Timeline
– The requirements should be done by the last day of the course.
– Individual instructors may extend the deadline upon request.
– If, for any reason, you are not able to complete the requirements during the course, we are pleased to provide you with our Course Transfer Option.

You may retake any or all of the same UGotClass online course at a future offering within the next 12 months, and you can do so at no extra cost.

Social Media skills also essential if you open your own business.
If you are an employee, be aware that more businesses are looking for ways in which they can improve their online presence and image. They are looking for employees with social media skills. Even if you had some training in the past, with the social media changing with every blink of an eye, you have to make an effort to keep up. Don’t get left behind. Sharpen your skills so that you remain employable.


The impact you had was life changing –it was inspiring, it gave me a lot of strength.Daniela Cristina Necs, to instructor Jennifer Selke about the Integrating Social Media course
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