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Foundations Program

TUITION FREE for most students

The Foundations program is designed to help you to strengthen your skills in English, social studies, mathematics, science and computers in preparation for both employment and further studies. If you need to improve your skills in any of these areas, this program is for you!

Foundations courses are transition or bridging classes that prepare students for success in grade 10, 11, and 12 courses that lead to either the Adult Graduation Program or the 2004 Graduation Program. The learning outcomes of the Foundations program are designed to address the student’s literacy needs up to the grade 10 level.

Foundations ProgramThe Foundations English program has seven core courses (Foundations English 1 to 7) and several companion courses (reading, writing, and speaking & listening), which are designed to strengthen and support learning for students wanting to enrol in:

  • English 10, 11 and 12
  • or Communications 11 and 12.

The Foundations Social Studies program is specifically designed to develop skills needed for further study in:

  • Social Studies 11
  • Civic Studies 11
  • BC First Nations Studies 12
  • Law 12
  • Geography 12
  • History 12
  • Comparative Civilizations 12
  • Social Justice 12

The Foundations Mathematics program also has seven core courses (Foundations Mathematics 1 to 7) and prepares students for mathematics at the grade 10, 11, and 12 levels, as well as Accounting 11 and 12.

The Foundations Science program has three core areas of focus and is designed to help students achieve success in:

  • Biology 11 /12
  • Physics 11 /12
  • or Chemistry 11/ 12

depending on the student’s areas of focus.

The Foundations Computer program prepares students for a wide range of technology related courses at the grade 10, 11 and 12 levels. These include:

  • Business Computer Applications
  • Data Management
  • Business Information Management
  • Computer Programming
  • and Digital Media.

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Student Withdrawals:
Students will only receive a “W” (withdrawn) from a Foundations course under the following circumstances: 

  • The course has been in session for less than 65% of the total course hours.
  • Students must provide written notice to the teacher

Students withdrawing after 65% of the course has been completed will receive a letter grade.  This letter grade will be calculated based on their work to date as a percentage of the overall course mark.