Makeup Artistry Diploma

Makeup Artistry Diploma

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imageThis program is designed by top makeup artists in the industry to equip you with the knowledge and skills for an exciting career as a professional makeup artist.

The Makeup Artistry Diploma consists of three modules. A certificate is awarded for each module; successful completion of all three modules earns a diploma.

Makeup Artistry Certificate

This 120 hour program focuses on the areas necessary to excel in the industry: fashion, photography, bridal, retail, film, television, stage, decades, editorial, celebrity and working on set. It also includes portfolio building and teaches you to market yourself. The certificate program is divided into 4 semesters:

  • Semester 1 (36 hours) — Makeup Artistry Fundamentals
  • Semester 2 (24 hours) — Bridal, Indian, Asian, Western, Marketing
  • Semester 3 (36 hours) — Fashion, Decades, Photographic Makeup, Editorial
  • Semester 4 (24 hours) — Theatrical, Advanced Makeup (eg. Drag, Opera, Showgirl, Cirque de Soleil)

The courses require a professional makeup kit ($700) that is charged at the time of registration. Some semesters require a photoshoot ($50) that is charged at the time of registration.

Airbrushing and Specialized Makeup Certificate

This 40 hour program expands your knowledge and skills as a professional makeup artist. Advance your skills by learning specialized methods of makeup application currently used by skilled makeup artists in the industry. The course covers basic application techniques, facial makeup, bodywork, and stenciling.

The course requires a professional makeup kit ($350), an airbrush gun and compressor ($275) and one photoshoot ($50) that are charged at the time of registration.

Hairstying Certificate

This 30 hour program will equip you with the techniques and skills to create various hair styles. Learn how to create beautiful bombshell hair for photo shoots, finger waves for decades, wedding updos and much more. This program is customized to give you a lead in the industry as a freelance beauty specialist.

The course requires a professional hairstyling kit ($85) that is charged at the time of registration.

Graduates of the full Makeup Artistry Diploma program have found many different employment opportunities:

  • Makeup Forever
  • Christian Dior
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique
  • Sephora
  • Freelance makeup business
  • MUA at fashion shows in Italy
  • Working with fashion photographers
  • Freelance Makeup Artist for brides in salon
  • Head artist for Indian Bridal Shows
I had a great experience in this course. I am a certified makeup artist working in the industry. Even though the course was short, the coverage was in depth and thorough and the teacher makes sure to give honest, helpful constructive feedback to help to be your best. I want to take the Airburshing module next. Big plus – the people were so nice!
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Course costs are subject to change each term; future course offerings may charge different amounts.

Check the individual certificate program pages for course availability:

A refund request must be submitted in writing and must include the original course registration receipt.

Fee payments originally made by credit card are credited back to the same card; for expired or invalid credit cards, refunds are made by cheque. Fee payments originally made by cash or cheque are made by cheque. Please allow 3 weeks for processing.

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