Foundations Program



The Foundations program is designed to strengthen basic skills in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Computers in preparation for both employment and further studies. Foundations courses are transition or bridging classes that prepare students for regular Grade 10, 11, and 12 courses. The learning outcomes of the Foundations program are designed to address literacy and needs up to the grade 10 level.

Click on these links for brochures describing the Foundations program: English | Chinese | Korean | Persian | Punjabi | Spanish

The Foundations English program covers seven core courses (Foundations English 1 to 7) and several companion courses (Reading, Writing, and Speaking & Listening). This program strengthens and supports learning for students who want to enroll in Composition 11, Composition 12 and English Studies 12.

The Foundations Social Studies program is designed to develop skills needed for further study in Social Studies 11, BC First Nations Studies 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, Geography 12, History 12, Law 12 and Social Justice 12.

The Foundations Mathematics program has seven core courses (Foundations Mathematics 1 to 7) and prepares students for mathematics at the Grade 10, 11, and 12 levels.

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This is for students who are currently taking a Foundations course or who have recently completed an online English assessment with us and received their PEN (Personal Education Number).

If you are not a current student or do not have a PEN (Personal Education Number), please click here to register as a new student.

Summer Term (Q4) – Register for classes by Thursday, June 20!

Summer classes are held at NBAEC (751 Hammarskjold Drive). Some classes may be blended.

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*The summer term will only have daytime classes. The next set of evening classes will be in the fall term (September). *

Click here for instructions on how to register for classes.


Confirmation of your course registration will be done by the academic advisor and will be based on course availability. Please do not register for the same course more than once.  If you encounter any issues, please call 604-296-6901.


Please use the Withdrawal button if you wish to withdraw from a course  If you have started the course, please also let your teacher know.

Course Verification          

Please use the Course Verification button to verify you are registered in a course.  Please allow 2 business days from the day you registered for your record to be updated. 



(Please note this applies to a student that has never attended Burnaby Continuing Education or has stopped attending our school for more than one year.

Registration is a multi-step process. Please review the steps below: 

Step 1 Prepare and submit in documents for pre-approval in a New Student Registration form.

Step 2: Once documents have been approved, an email will be sent with a link to pay for the non-refundable English assessment test. If proper documentation is not submitted, you will be contacted with details of what is missing from your registration. 

Step 3: Once your online $35.00 (non-refundable) payment has been processed, an email will be sent with test instructions and login information. Test links are sent at the end of every week.

Step 4: When you’ve completed your test, it will be sent to an academic advisor for review. Please wait 1-2 weeks to receive an email with your English foundations level. **This English assessment test is only valid to register for Burnaby Community & Continuing Education Classes**

Step 5: When you have been activated in our system, you will get a final email with your PEN (Personal Education Number) and a link to select your courses.

*The summer term will only have daytime classes. The next set of evening classes will be in the fall term (September). *



The following documents are required to complete registration:

Document Example
Proof of citizenship status in Canada One document with your name:

  • Canadian Citizens: Canadian birth certificate or current Canadian passport or Canadian citizenship card
  • Permanent Residents: Permanent Resident card or Confirmation of PR document
  • Refugee Claimants: official Refugee Claimant document
  • Convention Refugees: Notice of Decision or Convention Refugee document
  • International Visitors: Passport and Visitor Visa
  • Work Permit Holders must meet ALL requirements listed below:
    • Work Permit must be valid for the entire duration of the class
    • You MUST be working 20 hours per week or more
    • You MUST submit a signed and dated letter of employment on company letterhead stating – position, start date, and number of hours worked per week
    • You MUST submit a most recent pay stub showing hours worked and income deductions
Proof of residence in BC (Proof of Address) One document with your name and address:

  • BC Driver’s License
  • BC Care Card
  • BC ID Card

If you do not have the IDs listed above, please provide two documents:

  1. Full page signed tenancy agreement or proof of ownership of dwelling
  2. Utility bill, phone bill, bank letter or vehicle registration

All documents must have your name and current address to be considered valid proof.

Picture ID One document with your picture and name:

  • Passport
  • BC Driver’s License
  • BC ID Card

Have all your documents ready? Click on the button below!

If you require assistance when registering, please visit our office (751 Hammarskjold Drive, Burnaby) from 9:30 am – 11:30 am on the following dates:

June 7  |  June 14  |  June 21  |  June 28



Tuition Fees
Foundations courses are free for eligible students! There is no tuition fee for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and status refugees. Work permit holders may also be eligible for tuition-free courses.

International visitors must pay tuition fees. Payment by MasterCard or Visa.
– $1325 per course for international students and visitors

Tuition Fee Refunds
– If the course is cancelled by Burnaby Community & Continuing Education, the tuition fee is refunded in full.
– If a student wishes to withdraw, the tuition fee will be refunded (less a $35 processing fee) if a written request is received before the start of the second class. No refunds are issued after the start of the second class.
Textbook Deposits
A textbook deposit is required for each course. We only accept payment by MasterCard or Visa.
– Foundations courses charge a textbook deposit of $150.00
Textbook Deposit Refunds
– If all textbooks are brought back in good condition at the end of the course, a full refund will be issued.
– If all textbooks are brought back in good condition between 2 and 4 weeks after finishing or withdrawing from a class, the refund issued is $50.00 for Foundations courses.
– If textbooks are returned more than 4 weeks after finishing or withdrawing from a class, no refund will be issued.
– If textbooks are returned in a damaged condition, no refund will be issued.


North Burnaby Adult Education Centre (NBAEC) – Daytime Classes
751 Hammarskjold Drive
Burnaby, BC V5B 4A1

Office Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

(Access the office in the new building near the daycare)

South Burnaby Adult Education Centre (SBAEC) – Daytime Classes
5455 Rumble Street
Burnaby, BC V5J 2B7

Office Hours: Monday from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

(Access the office via Watling St off Royal Oak Ave)

Student parking space is very limited; please only park in areas specifically designated as student parking.

Burnaby South Secondary School – Evening Classes
5455 Rumble Street
Burnaby, BC V5J 2B7

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from  5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

(Access the office via Antrim Ave off Beresford St)

Student parking space is very limited; please only park in areas specifically designated as student parking.