Growing Food in the City Certificate

Growing Food in the City Certificate

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In 3 short generations, most of us have lost the knowledge to grow our own food. Organic fruits and vegetables not only keep you healthy, but they create sustainable local food systems. If you are concerned about where your food comes from, what’s in it or on it, or simply want to get the best nutrition possible for your family -– growing your own vegetables and fruit is the answer.

Students are encouraged to grow their own garden during the year, putting their newly acquired knowledge and skills to practice. In this unique and timely course, learn essential organic gardening and permaculture techniques to:

  • Create and maintain healthy soil, which in turn can grow nutritious food
  • Analyze and optimize the growing conditions in your garden
  • Creatively collect, use and preserve water for optimal garden health
  • Use holistic solutions for plant health problems (“pests” and “diseases”)
  • Select, plant, maintain, and harvest a large variety of food plants for year-round enjoyment
  • Store your harvest
  • Save your own seeds
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This course is open to everyone; no prior gardening experience is required. The Organic Master Gardener Certificate program would be beneficial either before, during or after this program.

Computer skills and an internet connection are essential for access to resource materials, class communications and education updates. This is a paperless course.


This course is not offered during the Fall 2017 semester. The next course session is scheduled for the Spring 2018 semester; registration will open December 1, 2017.

Course costs are subject to change each term; future course offerings may charge different amounts.

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